Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm due for a real post

In the meantime, this'll do. (Don't worry; it doesn't reflect my current reality.)

Source: LOLSaints


FranIAm said...

That is hilarious Kirstin! Oh my - plsthx!

Feel better my friend!

it's margaret said...

I have resembled that remark at times--but that saint --I know that must be a hatchet in his head, but on my screen it looks like a twisted toilet plunger!

hope you feel better... get thee to the doctor if you really feel like this looks!


Caminante said...

Kirstin, you are always in my daily prayers and out loud in the eucharist prayers of the people. Hope you are doing OK. Greetings from a gloriously sunny (rare) day in Vermont.

[word verification: warbel... well, almost. That's the out of tune bird outside.]

Paul said...

Great pic. Love it. Love you. Hugz!

Thanks for the disclaimer as it is an alarming image.