Sunday, December 14, 2008

The best not-quite-job ever

I’m up at the Ranch this week, working the Advent silent days. I’m hosting the odd lunch or dinner, and checking people in during the afternoons. Right now, I’m watching the wind and rain outside, and waiting for more arrivals. I can’t escape the brothers, even (or especially) here—and some of them are coming up today. I will shortly be hugged by three sopping wet monks.

And I’m wearing wool. Oh, well.

I love blustery weather! And I love hot soup on cold, wet days. I was blissed out over my lunch—and that’s big news, for someone who hasn’t eaten sufficiently since June. (It was miso soup w/ veggies, salad, bread and cheese, and a bulghur-artichoke concoction. Yum.)

My leftover homework is still with me, and my brain is still gone—but my body feels so much better up here. I’m still tired to the bone—but I’m not so relentlessly miserable.

I’ll be here until Friday. I’m going back to the city for a street retreat with the Faithful Fools on Saturday. To A’s house for Christmas, early next week. And I’ll be between there, here, and the Bay Area through January.

Note to Margaret, Paul, and anyone else who loves the place: The current newsletter (not on the website yet) mentions necessary upkeep on the treehouse. If you want to help, contact Sean.


it's margaret said...

Thinking of you. Praying for you.

Kirstin said...

I know you do. Thank you. :-)

Kirstin said...

btw, Br. Robert says hello. :-)

Paul said...

It does my heart good to know you are the Ranch, as it seems to do ALL of you good. I just told Sean it's all your fault - made a donation. Hope that helps the treehouse. Forgot to say it's not just your fault, I give in honor of you, dear heart.

Jane R said...

I was just looking at the Ranch website the other day! And at the newsletter before the current one. So glad you are at the Ranch -- always balm for body and soul. You sound well. Breathe in that good air for us and hey, hugging sopping friars is not so bad ;-). Enjoy.