Sunday, October 23, 2005

St. Andrew's

Went to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Tacoma this morning; a friend is the priest up there. The people are really warm and welcoming. She introduced me, and many people came up and introduced themselves. They do a lot of interfaith and ecumenical outreach; it would be a neat place to keep coming to, when I'm up here. A bunch of us met for lunch afterward; everyone at the table either was living or had lived in the Bay Area. Lots to talk about.

She went to CDSP in the late '90s. We talked about everything, on the car ride home. What it was like then, what I'm doing now, how to plan future steps, who to make sure I take classes from. We talked a lot about how genuine the people are. I sound like I'm sucking up, but I'm not; it's one of the first things I noticed. All the faculty I've interacted with have treated me like an equal. They're brilliant, famous in their fields, and confident of what they know--but their egos don't get in the way. They're just people that I get to eat dinner with. We're all traveling together.

We left Olympia at 6:30 this morning. I almost fell asleep on Athanasius (my reading, don't worry) in her office, during the early service. We got home after 3. I just ate dinner, showed my friend the neat things you can do with Google Earth (a very fun time-suck, watch out), and now I'm going to go back to studying. I live a very good life.

Peace to all.

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Catherine said...

What?? Two posts in one week? It can't be!!! hehehe. You do have a wonderful life!
We had Children's Sabbath at St. John's on sunday. It was a great service. One of the youth vestry members gave the sermon. I always look forward to the Children's Sabbath each year.

RYC: I am on meds for the first time in my life due to the BAD post partum depression I had. That was just to get me functioning. Now I am functioning, on meds, but its still a battle.