Saturday, July 30, 2005

The neatest thing happened today

I did my last regular volunteer shift at the Olympia Food Co-op today. (It would have been next Saturday, but I forgot and signed up to help with the peace meditation at the same time.) A man came in whom I've seen frequently across the cash register; we've made friendly conversation, but we don't know each other's names. He asked how I was. I told him I was leaving; we talked about that and he gave me good wishes. He left and I went on with my shift.

Not long later (it's a short shift), he came back, with something under his arm. I was busy with someone, and we barely made eye contact. When it was quiet again, my shift partner (whom I'd never met) asked if I was leaving. "Yeah, why?" She pointed to a box on the counter. "Then this is for you."

My anonymous friend had run downtown to Compass Rose (import store in Olympia) and brought me a present. I opened the card first; there was a magnet with the kanji for "peace," and a note thanking me for being who I am. It was signed with his initial and "Olympia 2005." In the box was a black wooden box with little animals painted on it.

I have no way of thanking him, and he didn't want me to. People can be so incredibly cool. I never would have thought of doing that--and now it's a way I really want to be.

(For a link to the aforementioned peace meditation, click here.)


Mimi said...

That's so cool, Miss K!

Catherine said...

I miss you already! =(

Mike said...

I check in on your blog every now and again. I'm happy to see it and know more how you think.

Aren't random acts of kindness such a wonderful surprise?

I really hope you continue this, fot it is how I will keep track of you.